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Linux tool to dump x86 CPUID information about the CPU(s)

cpuid dumps detailed information about the CPU(s) gathered from the CPUID instruction, and also determines the exact model of CPU(s). It supports Intel, AMD, and VIA CPUs, as well as older Transmeta, Cyrix, UMC, NexGen, Rise, and SiS CPUs.

Some examples of output generated by cpuid for the CPU model include:

  • (synth) = Intel Core i7-900 (Bloomfield C0), 45nm
  • (synth) = Intel Pentium 4 (Northwood C1), .13um
  • (synth) = Intel Mobile Pentium 4 Processor-M (Northwood B0), .13um
  • (synth) = Intel Xeon (Prestonia D1), .13um
  • (synth) = AMD Athlon (Thunderbird A4-A7)
  • (synth) = AMD Opteron (DP SledgeHammer SH7-C0), 940-pin, .13um Processor 248
  • (synth) = AMD Opteron (Athens SH-E4), 940-pin, 90nm Processor 850


I appreciate getting cpuid -r output for any CPU. I've got a stash of these that I use for debugging and testing purposes. If you're inclined to provide this information, please send the cpuid -r output along with any additional information about the CPU that you know (e.g. from the list below for bugs) to cpuid@etallen.com.

Bugs & Comments:

Please send any bug reports or comments to cpuid@etallen.com.

In particular, I want to know if cpuid misidentifies any CPU, or if it is unable to identify a CPU exactly but instead lists several possibilities (although there are cases where I know of no way to disambiguate CPUs). In any case, please include the following information:

  • The complete output from cpuid
  • The complete output from cpuid -r
  • The identification that you believe is correct, including any of the following that you know (but don't worry if you can't supply all of it):
    • Manufacturer's name (e.g. Intel, AMD)
    • Official name (e.g. Pentium 4, Mobile Pentium 4, Xeon, Xeon MP, Athlon 64, Opteron)
    • Codename (e.g. Northwood, Thunderbird)
    • Clock speed (e.g. 3.4GHz)
    • Process (e.g. .13um, 90nm)